Work with Sara

I support my clients in the following areas to create a strong foundation for their health by:

  • Designing “REAL FOOD” meal plans consisting of well-formulated macronutrient ratios that are convenient, simple, and tailored to your personal preferences with foods you enjoy


  • Ordering advanced testing beyond traditional blood work that will help you determine micronutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, Omega-3 & -6, imbalances, hormone and cortisol testing, and GI microflora.


  • Circadian rhythm balancing to support sleep, hormones, inflammation, digestion, etc.
  • Detoxification to help the body eliminate toxins and support a healthy liver and lymph system


  • Identifying psycho-spiritual issues related to mind, body, and spirit that address underlying problems with food, body image, self-care, and other related concerns


  • Measuring blood glucose and ketone levels to measure progress with ketosis


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